Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Acidity: 0,01% - 0,08%
Characteristics: mildly fruity with aroma
Variety of Olives: Manaki and Ladoelia
Region of Production: Argolida (Greece)

Graceful, mildly fruity with aromas, this quality organic extra virgin olive oil yields a smooth texture with a slight spicy edge and a balanced finish.
JOHN GREEK offers an exceptional organic extra virgin olive oil that greatly characterizes the quality of Greek olive oil.
This olive oil is Organic Certified and comes from the Argolida province where production has a history of over 2500 years.
JOHN GREEK Organic EVOO is certified organic and it’s produced under strict supervision that starts from the farm all the way to the bottle in order to assure its organic state.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO (Lygourio)

Acidity: 0,01% - 0,08%
Characteristics: Robust fruity with mild aroma
Variety of Olives: Manaki
Region of Production (P.D.O designation): Lygourio Ascleipion (Greece)

Elegant, slightly fruity with mild aroma, exquisite taste, outstanding color and clarity given by the Manaki variety olives grown in the Ascleipeion region. This P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) extra virgin olive oil is produced under the strictest quality standards starting from the olive farm all the way to bottling.

JOHN GREEK is offering the most precious treasure of the Mediterranean nutrition: Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, P.D.O Lygourio. As one the best olive oils in the world with an outstanding quality it is the ideal choice for all foods.

The well known benefits of olive oil and its distinct properties were cherished across the ancient Hellenic cosmos. ‘The Liquid Gold’ was well recognized by Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine. JOHN GREEK EVOO is produced in the region where Asclepeios God of Medicine used to practice its medicine. The historical evidence and the current quality information such as the PDO certification are the base for supporting our claim of being the best extra virgin olive oil.